About DiapersForAll

Babies are precious in every way…

But, for some parents, babies add enormous stress to already difficult times. Every time a baby needs a clean diaper, a struggling family’s cost-of-living goes up.

The DiapersForAll project was created in an effort to allow friends with generous hearts to donate diapers or financial contributions (every penny of which will be used to purchase diapers) in an effort to allow families in Polk County to enjoy every moment of a new child’s life — even the dirty diapers!

What started out as a way for the parents of one little girl (“Biscuit”) to share their joy with others is now a way for others to extend that joy.

If you have diapers to contribute, please email info@diapersforall.org or call Catholic Charities of Central Florida at 863.686.7153 and ask for Ms. Reddout. Checks may be made out to “Catholic Charities – Diapers for All” and mailed to Catholic Charities of Central Florida / Polk County, 1801 Memorial Boulevard, Lakeland, FL 33801.

Your generous contributions will be used to provide needy families in Polk County with diapers for their precious babies.

Thank you for your kindness, and thank you for sharing the joy.

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